Thursday, April 3, 2014

performance #3: suiting up

For my third performance I decided to do a sort of transformation piece. I went from my shlubby college clothing: tattered jeans, boots, and drug rug into a dapper black suit with all the assorted accoutrement. Besides being once again, nervous as hell and shaking throughout the performance it went surprisingly well. I am not necessarily comfortable undressing in front of my classmates but that was fine. I even buttoned my collar in record time; that usually does not happen.

The comments were really what encouraged me. My classmates really got to almost every particular point of my performance that I made conscious decisions for. From my clothing I began the performance in to all the accoutrement a part of my suit including me deciding to keep the watch of my first outfit into the latter one. Sandy spoke of a transformation out from boy to man which is what I was going for but she also included that transformation being the idea of leaving college. This was not my thought going in but it does make sense thinking about it as a 6th block senior.

Watching it over I realize a few of my mistakes. One being that the suit was filthy. Another being that the performance itself was too long. The former being an easy fix, the latter not so much.

Overall, I do think this was my best performance. The best idea, it went the most smoothly, and I got to wear a suit. It was a good 7 minutes.

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  1. I liked this piece. The transformation was super interesting to watch. You could probably introduce chance operations into this by rolling a dice to see what you take off/ replace next. For example, let's say you roll a 6 and that means you take off and replace your shirt. So you do that, and then roll another 6. that means you take off and replace the shirt again. You would take off and replace pieces of clothing until they all matched, and that's when it would end. You could also try doing this piece with a blindfold on. These make the transformation from child to adult seem more real, as it's more a process of testing what works together and what doesn't as opposed to something as simple as putting on a prearranged suit.