Wednesday, March 26, 2014

performance #2: untitled

The first performance was nerve racking because it was my first performance. My second performance was nerve racking because I knew it was an absurd idea and we only had a rough outline to what was actually about to happen. It was better that way though. It built the tension of the performance and kept Maddie and myself on our toes. 

When Maddie suggested the idea for the performance to me I was a bit confused and a frozen by the idea but something concerning sandy's ideas about absurdity and expanding our borders came over me and I agreed. I'm glad I did as I consider the performance a success as the class seemed pleased and pulled some relatively deep meaning from it. 

The performance could be improved, I think, by total overhaul and restructure. The peanut butter eating part of the performance was the most interesting part for both the crowd and myself so the best idea, I think, is to make that performance. To feed my partned peanut butter completely straight faced. This would probably be impossible for me as one spoonful was way to funny for me but for another, this could be a wonderful, intimate, and hilarious performance. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

artistic bio

i am an experimental and spontaneous artist. i try to do things i do not know how to do and generally do them without much practice and without knowing the result. it has come out well in the past. i am an idea driven person. i am an inspired person. i draw from what i see and what i have experienced and tweak these things to create something original. i hate to copy, i try really hard to draw the line between inspiration and copying. i try to be concise, i don't like to drag things on. i am a sensitive person and want to please people. this means that whether i am motivated or not, i end up working hard on pieces just to please other people for better or worse. but at the same time, i have my own specific taste and i don't compromise it. i just try to work hard.

performance #1: pickle jar renegade

this first performance was an interesting experience for me. i have never performed in my life and am in all reality, terrified of it. watching everyone else's performances which were seemingly really well thought out and performed made me more nervous. i did though, know i had a decent idea as long as it went well but of course, it didn't go well, at least to my standards.

i wanted my performance to feature the idea of a struggle while poking fun at it and satirize that cliché experience. i was honestly most afraid of not being able to open the pickle jars but the opposite happened, the jars were far to easily opened. 

some things did go well though. the first jar opened with a splash which i thought was good as it got some laughs from the class. i also think the pickle eating was well received. so all in all, it went reasonably well but there are definitely many ways to improve the performance. i should open many pickle jars... 10, 20, 100 whatever. the more there are the more absurd and funny the performance is. also, i cannot end performances the way i did. i didn't plan to end it the way i did but it just happened. cut me some slack, i was nervous.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014