Wednesday, March 26, 2014

performance #2: untitled

The first performance was nerve racking because it was my first performance. My second performance was nerve racking because I knew it was an absurd idea and we only had a rough outline to what was actually about to happen. It was better that way though. It built the tension of the performance and kept Maddie and myself on our toes. 

When Maddie suggested the idea for the performance to me I was a bit confused and a frozen by the idea but something concerning sandy's ideas about absurdity and expanding our borders came over me and I agreed. I'm glad I did as I consider the performance a success as the class seemed pleased and pulled some relatively deep meaning from it. 

The performance could be improved, I think, by total overhaul and restructure. The peanut butter eating part of the performance was the most interesting part for both the crowd and myself so the best idea, I think, is to make that performance. To feed my partned peanut butter completely straight faced. This would probably be impossible for me as one spoonful was way to funny for me but for another, this could be a wonderful, intimate, and hilarious performance. 


  1. I really enjoyed your performance. It was really silly and absurd. Was there anything that inspired you to do the things that you did? Or did you just do them because you thought they were absurd? If so, how did you come up with what to do? It felt really random to me, but I guess that is a good thing. It is very Fluxus. I agree with you that the best part of the performance was when you and Madi fed each other peanut butter, and that this would make a very entertaining performance by itself. But with more peanut butter! It would be pretty hilarious. It could represent the struggle experienced in relationships. Now that I think of it, the performance that you did could represent struggling and working together in relationships. Trying to eat the peanut butter was the struggle; feeding each other and walking around together in a circle, without the person with the jumprope hitting the person with the radio was the symbiosis.

  2. According to what you guys talked about in class and on your posts, it seems like you just came up with the separate parts of the performance and put the elements together without having an initial idea of how you or us as the audience should interpret this piece. In short, you did it because you can. It felt a little disrupted at first with the isolated elements but once you finished the performance, they all fit together. I think it's because you guys made it into a routine (same set of actions at the beginning and the end. Honestly, I didn't take much note about your performance because I really think it was complete.
    The only thing I want to share is when you eat peanut butter, I kept thinking about a video that my friend made. You guys should check it out!